Queen Manning

Queen Manning Palmer is currently a Certified Community Health Worker and Medical Credentialing Specialist. Queen has a strong desire to serve community and advocate for others to increase healthcare knowledge and understanding of how to navigate the healthcare system to their benefit.

Queen begun work at an early age and worked her way up from a Sales Representative in the
Cable TV Industry to Director of Purchasing for the then largest Cable provider in the industry in the late 80’s. She managed a 2.5/m budget and created opportunities for women and minority owned businesses while purchasing supplies for 32 Cable Systems.

In the early 90’s Queen left the for-profit sector and moved to the not-for-profit-sector where she joined CEDA, Community and Economic Development Association in Arlington Heights Illinois. There she started as a consultant and later joined the team as the Resource Development Manager. Queen served for 13 years creating and growing the volunteer arm as
well as grant writing, special projects, and fundraising events. Queen left the organization in the late 90’s leaving the organization with a 1.5/m endowment.

Later in Queens career she developed SLE lupus where she began to study Alternatives for
treating the condition. She then attended the Chicago Center of Healing Arts where she learned to identify and grow more than 80 herbs and their benefits to the human species. Queen then mentored with her teacher, Acupuncturist/Alternative Practitioner for 5 years. Queen later Attended Everglades University where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Alternative Medicine.

Queen also established the “lupus Empowerment Group.

Verna Hewlett

Verna Hewlett serves on the board of directors for Purple Ribbon Minority Women’s Organization.  Serving on the board of directors allows Verna to use her experience of over 20+ years of working with the community.  She understands the commitment and dedication needed to run a successful outreach ministry.

She is the program coordinator for the food and clothing pantry and Twice As Young Round Table for Purple Ribbon Minority Women’s Organization.  Serving the community has been an ongoing passion of Verna’s.  She began her outreach ministry in 1986 with Witness For Christ Christian School. Verna has been influential in the start-up and continuation of several other outreach ministries. She was the program coordinator of Cornucopia Food Pantry, Kings Table Soup Kitchen, and  Royal Outfits clothing bank for Greater True Gospel Tabernacle. Verna is also very active in ministry at her church Living Water Fellowship Church. 

One of Verna’s gifts is encouraging others to live their dreams and purpose.  Having graduated in 2016 with her Associate of Arts Degree in Christian Ministry from Crossroads Bible College at 70 years old, she understands what it takes to live out your dreams. 

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